Why have your Loco Lined?

Because it’s YOUR loco, working on YOUR Railway. It’s an expensive item that you’ve been looking forward to owning and running for quite some time. You’ve either saved up for it, received as a very special gift, or perhaps spent long hours in the workshop making it. No matter which it is, lining is the best way to give it the individuality and authenticity it deserves. It’s also the easiest way to spoil an otherwise lovely engine if the job isn’t done professionally.

Using this Site
The number of locos and Liveries available to the 16mm and ‘G’ scale modeller continues to grow, so the prices contained in this list should still be taken only as a guide, rather than as firm. That said, a number of the more popular loco/livery combinations are listed separately. These prices may be taken as firm unless your loco has unique or unusual features, in which case I’ll give you a bespoke quotation.

If you see exactly the lining style you want anywhere on this site, hovering the pointer over most images will reveal the unique Lightline job number. This will give me an exact reference to work to. There is a space for this on my enquiry form.

The pricing structure is based on a model rather than a prototype and my datum point remains the Roundhouse ‘Lady Anne’, which has been in production long enough to be familiar to most modellers, is typical of narrow gauge tank engines and is of average size and complexity from a lining point of view. The ability to detach the body from the chassis and remove the handrails etc. greatly influences the time spent on a loco and therefore the overall cost of the job.

I regret that I can only tackle rolling stock if the surface finish is to the same standard as commercially available locos.

When’s the best time to have your loco lined-out ?
Technically, it makes little difference, since even brand new locos have to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased before I can begin lining work. That said, it's usually far more convenient for the work to be done when the loco is new. Since the last thing most owners want to do with their newly-acquired engine is part with it for 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve made arrangements with two manufacturers, Roundhouse and Pearse, to take delivery of the completed locos on behalf of the customers, line them out and return  them for dispatch in the normal way. If you’ve ordered, or are thinking of ordering a loco from either of these manufacturers, I’ll be pleased to let you have further details. I have made similar arrangements with some of the Retailers who place regular orders with these manufacturers. Call me for details.

Having trouble choosing a livery ?
If you can’t decide on a livery from this site or a telephone discussion, I can send you photographs of most of the commonly available 16mm locos lined in a variety of styles. I can also produce a computer-generated image of the finished job if your loco is an unusual colour.

Where Lettering and Crests are part of a prototypical scheme eg. the Pearse L & B “LEW”, transfers will be applied and are included in the price. Railway and engine names applied to other locos, eg. the Roundhouse ‘Katie’, will be charged at cost, using either waterslide or dry print as appropriate. I am unable to supply etched Brass nameplates or Works plates, although I will attach them if supplied.

Postage & packing
The cost of postage and packaging is not included in the guide prices. Complete locos or loco bodies will be dispatched by Post Office Special Delivery unless otherwise agreed. The contents will be fully insured against loss or damage. It is always safer to arrange to hand over and collect the loco from me personally, either in Huddersfield or at a Show.

Turnaround time
I do not like to keep locos longer than is absolutely necessary and therefore do not normally accept them without giving a firm indication of how long I will be keeping them. Normal turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks, but may be a lot longer if you hand over a loco you've just bought at a Show. Jobs are started in strict order number, so the sooner you book it in, the sooner it's started.

My philosophy towards the work remains unchanged. I will not consider a job as finished until it is in the condition in which I would wish to receive it. No payment is required until you have seen the finished job and are completely satisfied.

If you have any specific queries, contact me any time except Thursday evening (GMT).

I'll be pleased to help if I can.

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